MASTERS OF DISGUISE – Back With A Vengeance

Even though it may seem so at first glance, “Back With A Vengeance” by MASTERS OF DISGUISE is NOT copying the legendary past of Savage Grace, the speed metal legends whose name can still be seen on patches on the jackets of one in three metal fans. No, MASTERS OF DISGUISE fills the musical gap, which Savage Grace left behind them, and they do it brilliantly with incredible self-assurance. “Back With A Vengeance” is a furious firework of speed and power, topped with a decent portion of melodies taking their talents to the musical limits.


  •  01. Back With A Vengeance / 2:02
  •  02. Never Surrender / 4:41
  •  03. The Omen / 4:10
  •  04. For Now And All Time (Knutson’s Return) / 4:43
  •  05. Scepters Of Deceit / 3:30
  •  06. Alliance / 4:27
  •  07. Sons Of The Doomed / 4:47
  •  08. Liar / 5:14
  •  09. Into The Unknown / 4:10
  •  10. The Templars’ Gold / 5:29

Total playing time 43:05
Watch the full disturbing video “For Now And All Time (Knutson’s Return)” down below!


  • Impressive Speed-/Power Metal debut with cult character.
  • In the musical footsteps of the US Metal legends Savage Grace.
  • New sensational band, formed by established musicians from bands such as Roxxcalibur, Abandoned, Manilla Road and ex-Viron.
  • Extensive live activities to support the album, e.g. Tour with Manilla Road, etc…
29. November 2013
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MASTERS OF DISGUISE, the band that has risen from the ashes of the last SAVAGE GRACE line-up, has released the digital EP “Knutson’s Return” with an exclusive bonus track not available on the upcoming album titled “Back With A Vengeance”. The EP will be available for a limited time only.

Watch the disturbing video for “For Now And All Time” – not for the faint of hearted…

25. October 2013
MOD-Knutson's Return EP
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